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Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Participation and Data Protection Sweepstakes BioCBD

§ Organization of the competition

The competition is organized by BioCBD, a brand of Solidmind Group GmbH, Lindauer Straße 9, 88329 Wangen. 

The sweepstakes is not affiliated with Facebook, Inc. or Instagram, Inc. and is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or organized by Facebook, Inc. or Instagram, Inc. 

By entering this Sweepstakes, all participants release Facebook, Inc. or Instagram, Inc. from any claim or liability in connection with this Sweepstakes. 

All questions, comments or complaints about this competition should be sent directly to Solidmind Group GmbH via email or telephone +49 (0) 89 412 09494. 
§ 2 Eligibility to Participate  

You can take part in this competition if you are a natural person, are resident in Germany and have reached the age of 18. Each person can only enter the competition once.  

Employees of Solidmind Group GmbH, Lean Labs Pharma GmbH or Doinglean Ventures UG are excluded from participating. Participation for sweepstakes associations, automated services or other service providers is also excluded.   

By participating, you assure that you meet all the requirements to take part in the competition and that you agree to the conditions of participation.    

§ 3 What is there to win?

Three packages with BioCBD products worth 100 euros.

§ 4 How can you win

In order to be entered into the prize draw, you must complete all three steps:  

  1. get in touch in the period from 15.03.2023/31.03.2023/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX on the website for the newsletter.  
  1. Confirm the e-mail and you will automatically take part in the competition.  
§ 5 Sweepstakes period
The competition runs from 15. 03. 2023 until 31.03. 2023at 23:59 p.m.

§ 6 Determination of Winners

There will be three winners for the BioCBD prize, which we will determine on April 15.04.2023, XNUMX and write to via email. Should the Winners who do not report back to us within 3 days lose their right to the prize.   

§ 7 Exclusion of Participation 

BioCBD is entitled to exclude you from participation if one of the following conditions is met:  

  • Suspicion of manipulation in relation to the competition and its participation.  
  • Posting and comments that violate applicable German law, netiquette or Instagram guidelines.  
  • In the event of material violations of these Conditions of Participation.  
  • You have not submitted your data within the set deadline. 

The prize can also be withdrawn from a winner who has already been drawn if one of the above reasons for exclusion becomes known later. Should If the prize has already been delivered, it can be claimed back. 

Section 8 Liability

You are responsible for your postings and comments. Please make sure that  Postings and comments no insults, untrue statements of fact  and do not contain any violations of competition, copyright or trademark law may.

If you violate the rights of third parties through your postings or comments, this may have legal and criminal consequences. posts and comments posted by entrants during the Sweepstakes reflect the opinions and views of each participant. 

BioCBD reserves the right to make contributions that violate the aforementioned provisions the right to abridge or delete this content. Should a post or According to § 10 TMG, we are obliged to comment if we violate applicable law the post at least to shorten the infringing part. 

Each participant is responsible for his own content and is not obliged to Post untrue or misleading content. BioCBD is not obliged to check the content of the postings and comments to see whether the Participant is authorized to publish or they are on legal to check admissibility. In terms of content, we take over for postings and comments no responsibility of any kind.  
§ 9 Provisional passage in the event of unforeseeable disruptions  

BioCBD reserves the right to terminate the Sweepstakes at any time, including without notice  
to modify compliance with deadlines and advance notices in whole or in part, to interrupt or terminate, if due to force majeure, technical (e.g manipulation) or legal reasons (e.g. legal prohibition by Instagram) proper execution of the competition is no longer ensured can be. BioCBD cannot be held responsible for any loss, failure or delay be held liable for which BioCBD is not responsible. 

BioCBD also reserves the right to change the prize  
to be made, in which case the respective winner will receive a reasonable receives substitute profit.

§ 10 Data protection

BioCBD is obliged to collect, store and process the privacy of the participants in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. The legal framework for this is formed in particular by the Federal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, the Telemedia Act and the Telecommunications Act. 

In the context of pure competition participation, the data will not be passed on to third parties  
disclosed or used for purposes other than the implementation of this  
serve competition. Collected participant data will be used after the end of the  
Sweepstakes deleted, provided there are no legal reasons for deletion  
BioCBD only collects the data required by BioCBD to determine the winner, to communicate with them and to send the prize. The winners agree that their data will be passed on to our shop system Shopify, Inc to ship the products and that they will subsequently receive product information from BioCBD. The data is passed on to our service provider Klaviyo, Inc. for this purpose. Of course, you can object to receiving this product information at any time. The data of the winners will be stored until revoked. 

You are entitled to all statutory information, modification and revocation rights with regard to the collected, processed and used personal data at any time. You can assert this either in writing or by e-mail. 

Learn more about how we use data and about each  
You can also find service providers in our data protection declaration: 

§ 11 Final Provisions

The legal process is excluded. Cash payment of the prize is not possible. Likewise, profit claims cannot be assigned or transferred to third parties. 

Should individual clauses be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected. German law applies. 

BioCBD is a brand of   
Solidmind Group GmbH  
Represented by the managing director: Lars Müller   
Lindauer Str. 9  
88239 Wangen im Allgaeu  

Phone: + 49 (0) 89 412 09494

Commercial Register: District Court of Ulm  
Commercial register number: HRB 732237  

Sales tax identification number according to § 27 a sales tax law:  

EU dispute resolution:  
Platform of the EU Commission for online dispute resolution: Our e-mail address can be found in the imprint above.  
We are committed to participating in a dispute resolution process before a  
Consumer arbitration board neither obliged nor willing.